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Boone NC Eminent Domain Attorneys & Lawyers

Clement Law Office - Boone NC Eminent Domain Attorneys - Boone NC Eminent Domain Lawyers
Boone NC Eminent Domain Attorneys & Lawyers
Eminent domain and land condemnation laws provide governmental bodies and public utilities the right to seize private property for public use so long as the property owner receives “just compensation.” The legal process is known as “eminent domain” or “condemnation.” Utility companies and governmental bodies, such as the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), frequently exercise the power of eminent domain.

Of course, the notion of what constitutes just compensation is always debatable. Without aggressive representation from experienced eminent domain lawyers, property owners are susceptible to a double dose of discouragement: first, by forfeiting their land, and second, by not being adequately compensated for their property.

If you are in an eminent domain or land condemnation battle with the state, county or municipal government or a public utility, you need a strong advocate on your side for numerous reasons:

• Government’s low offer or absence of offer – The government’s initial offer usually does not reflect the true value of your land. In fact, the government may not even admit that its actions have a negative impact on your land.

• Quick-take provisions – North Carolina law allows certain entities to estimate your property’s value and take control of your property as soon as they file suit. Fortunately, our attorneys are ready to move just as quickly.

• Lack of legitimate public purpose – The power to compel a land transfer to the government or to another private party can only be implemented when there is a valid public purpose for the taking. We thoroughly investigate your eminent domain action to ensure that it’s for a proper public purpose.

• Disruption to your life – Our nation’s founders recognized that the government’s power to seize land will likely disrupt your business and your life. That’s why the Constitution limits this power, and that’s why we fight for the rights of landowners, leaseholders, and businesses.

We accept most eminent domain cases on a contingency fee basis, which means our attorney fees are based on a percentage of the amount above and beyond the original offer you received for the seizure of your property. You will not pay attorney fees unless we increase the amount you receive for your property.

You Can Fight City Hall – But You Need Us On Your Side

At Clement Law Office in Boone, North Carolina, our knowledgeable eminent domain attorneys protect the rights of clients whose property is being taken in an eminent domain action. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive an amount that reflects the full value of the property seized.

Stated simply, we add value to eminent domain cases. Our Boone NC eminent domain lawyers have put more money in our clients’ pockets – even after paying attorney fees – in every eminent domain case we have handled.

We accomplish this by:

• Working with highly regarded real estate valuation specialists and other appraisers

• Approaching the valuation process from every angle in order to ensure that a piece of property is assessed at its peak value

• Preparing every case meticulously so that we are ready to litigate when a fair agreement is not reached

• Understanding how to select a jury and present a case using demonstrative evidence that will clearly explain our client’s position

Time is typically not on your side in eminent domain cases. It is important to contact us as soon as you receive notification that your property may be taken in part or in its entirety.

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