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Boone NC Family Law / Divorce Attorneys & Lawyers
A large portion of the legal world deals with contracts, family law included. If you have decided to end your marriage, the agreements that must be made regarding property division and other matters are essentially contracts between you and your former spouse.

As with contracts in the business world or with real estate sales and purchases, it is essential in divorce to retain the services of experienced lawyers who will protect your interests at every turn. The Boone NC family law and divorce lawyers at Clement Law Office can protect your rights regarding division of marital property in order to ensure that you land in the best possible position financially following divorce.

Divorce Attorneys For Equal Division Of High-Asset Marital Property

North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, which means the court attempts to divide all assets equally unless it determines that an equal division of property is not equitable. When a couple has accumulated significant assets, property division becomes complex. It is critical in these situations to retain legal counsel that will protect your financial interests.

Our Boone NC divorce attorneys have extensive experience with complex financial issues in divorce, including the division of investment property, retirement accounts, pensions, family businesses and more. If necessary, we work with forensic accountants and other financial professionals who help us accurately value your assets.

Often, it is in both parties’ best interests to reach agreement on property division, alimony and other divorce issues through negotiation rather than litigation. This allows both parties to retain more control over the final outcome.

We are well-versed in negotiation and mediation techniques that will help our clients achieve a fair agreement. However, if a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, rest assured that we will advocate aggressively on your behalf in court.

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